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Quicker way to switch between maps.

At the moment it takes 3 clicks to change to another map. A quicker way would be nice.

1. Have an additional button on the toolbar that takes you straight to the maps list.
2. Have say 3 favorites buttons on the screen that can be configured to switch to certain maps.

Also it would be nice to be able to rearrange the maps list to have your favorites at the top.

Snowboy, 26.04.2012, 13:33

a button to switch maps selected in advance.

This is similar to idea; Quicker way to switch between maps.
I can not leave a comment to its idea tree.

My Idea is different.
I want a button to switch maps selected in advance.
For example ROADMAP ---> TERRAIN ---> ROADMAP ---> ...(cyclic)

This feature is required when riding bike in Tokyo. There are many slopes.
I want to find quickly the easy route. +_+;
Thank you.

Tmurakami, 17.08.2013, 16:44
Response from the site administrator
Yulia, 27.04.2012
Thank you for your suggestions! We will consider part of them them after the more user votes will be collected.
Idea status: under consideration


Snowboy, 27.04.2012, 10:30
Also, it would be good if the map list was tucked up tightly to one edge of the screen when it was opened, so that as much of the map as possible can be seen whilst switching maps.
pgiraud, 02.05.2013, 16:09
To save clicks it would be great to switch directly to the map view when the map source is clicked. Currently user needs to go back to the settings and then close the settings.

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